Securing A Future for American Conservatism Part 1: Why Separation from The Republican Party is a Moral Imperative

America is an idea worth fighting for. Time and time again in our history as a nation, when we were at our most divided, despondent, and uncertain, we heard these words. America is an idea worth fighting for. The idea of the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. That everyone, regardless of race, creed, sexuality, or nationality can pursue their lives free of persecution. That everyone has the right to self-determination. This notion is such an ambitious prospect that it deserves the devotion and work of all Americans in order to achieve our ideals. This is an America worth fighting for, and worth preserving.

The instinct to preserve the best of America is at the heart of American conservatism. To make sure that in our inexorable march of progress that we don’t lose the best ideas and values of those that came before us. Translating this principle into a governing platform has been the pursuit of the Republican Party for the past 166 years. Through the leadership of men such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower, the Republican Party managed to contribute many steps on the journey to a more perfect union. But over the course of the past few years, it’s become apparent that the Republican party has fundamentally failed in its duties as a governing body responsible for safeguarding our nation and its values. There are three primary failures to lay bare.

First and foremost of these failures is the failure of the Republican party to uphold the rule of law and their constitutional oaths. This dereliction of duty became complete when, for the second time, a Republican President committed serious crimes and misdemeanors in pursuit of his own reelection. Even more damning, when a Republican president was found colluding with a foreign power to interfere in our electoral process, the most sacred and fundamental of our rights as Americans, the Republican Party failed to hold him accountable, and acquitted him when impeached by Congress. The fact that such crimes happened twice in a single party is shameful enough. That Republicans actively aided in the cover up when presented with another crime is inexcusable. A party that refuses to uphold the rule of law and our most fundamental governing institutions is a party that is both illegitimate and unfit to serve.

Secondly, the Republican Party has a systemic internal culture built to promote lies and falsehoods in order to maintain its political viability. The Republican Party has spent the better part of three decades building a media ecosystem that actively perpetuates hoaxes and falsehoods, denies scientific fact, and lies about crucial information to its electoral base. In doing so, it has actively harmed America’s long-term ecological, economic, and national security. Through these lies, tackling significant domestic and foreign issues paramount to our continued security has become all but impossible. The Republican party has thus traded the future prospects of our children and grandchildren for immediate, short lived convenience. A party unconcerned with the long-term wellbeing of our nation is a party not fit to govern.

Thirdly, and most perniciously, the Republican Party has been found guilty of actively dividing America on racial and class lines in order to preserve its own power. The Republican Party did a great service to America through its promotion of abolition and through the Emancipation Proclamation. Yet after these acts, the Republican party decided to abandon its pursuit of civil rights for all Americans. In fact, for most of living memory, the Republican Party has been guilty of actively stoking racial animus against Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Immigrant Americans in order to maintain a fearful grip on older, white Americans. This racial animus is fundamentally antithetical to American Values and makes us a weaker, divided nation. More insidiously, Republicans have actively passed laws to disenfranchise fellow Americans of their natural, God-given rights, and to systemically deny minorities access to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. This cruelty has made even the most basic dignities difficult to achieve for many Americans. A party that is uninterested in helping secure the needs of all Americans in lieu of the few is a party that is unfit to govern all Americans.

For these reasons and many more, we have reached a moment in the course of human events where it is necessary to dissolve the bonds between the Republican Party and the Americans that found their political homes within. American conservatives have a vital role to play in the continuing success of the American experiment, but this role cannot be achieved successfully through the Republican Party. It is a moral imperative to dissolve and defeat the Republican Party restore the honor and integrity of American conservatism. In order to move forward as a country and as a people, we must abandon a failed, decaying, and nostalgic apparatus and create a new governing party, based in conservative principles and interested in the wellbeing of all Americans. To do so will be to move our country forward in a promising direction, one with a bold vision for the future of our nation, and prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Christian Thrailkill is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, musician, and columnist. He lives in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter @Wolvie616

Writer on the intersection of Art and Politics

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